Minor Offenses

Being charged with even minor offenses can be upsetting and traumatic.  Escaping those situations with an unblemished record is often paramount and crucial to maintaining employment, one’s standing in the community, and sometimes to save a career that you have worked for years to achieve.  

Students and teenagers are frequently charged with minor offenses when ordinary mischief, pranks, marijuana use, or underage drinking, leads to criminal charges.  Pleading guilty to misdemeanors, or even to a violation level offense, can almost always be avoided when a young person is arrested for the first time.  You always want to enter college or the job market with unblemished record.

Appreciating the sensitivity of these situations is as important, getting charges dismissed and records sealed, and communicating to your children the importance of avoiding future legal problems are all a part of providing full representation.

Minor Offenses Testimonials

"I can't speak highly enough of Lee as a personal injury and criminal defense attorney.  He is, in my opinion the best attorney in the capital district. My calls are always answered or returned promptly and I was always up to date with what was going on in my case. I felt very comfortable with him in the court room as he is very confident during proceedings.  

It is hard to find a lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients, doesn't rush you off the phone or out of they're office and looks out for your best interests the way he does. I hired a lawyer and wound up gaining a good friend. I will be forever grateful for all he has done for my friends and family."

Matt Brink

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