Drug Possession and Drug Sales

Drug Possession / Drug Sales Attorney
Drug Possession / Drug Sales Attorney

I have been representing people charged with drug possessions and drug sales since my early years in New York City during the crack epidemic.  I am intimately experienced in every aspect of narcotics cases – plea bargaining and litigation.  If the case can be torn down due to a questionable search, or there is a valid defense, we will pursue that avenue.

If the case needs to be plea bargain, I have strong relationships with every District Attorney’s Office in the area, as well as the United States Attorneys Office.  The New York State courts have gained a great deal of compassion in recent years with Drug Courts, jail alternatives, and programs in prisons that provide significant sentence reduction.

Call our office and you will be provided with the best defense available for drug possession or sale charges.

Drug Possession

"I was accused of conspiring by the United States of America on a 9 count federal indictment for the distribution and possession of cocaine. I found myself alone and no one to trust. Lee Greenstein was the only lawyer who I trusted. With his guidance through this stressful time in my life of legal entanglement we fought the Government who falsely accused me of this crime. When all the evidence was produced the only thing they could grasp on to were witnesses that made up stories to keep themselves from going to prison for a lengthy time. They all testified at the trial, but Lee discredited each of them one by one.

I will say, Lee helped save my life. Made me a part of the whole process. My life mattered. No matter what your background is, or what part of the neighborhood you grew up in real people get caught up in terrible situations and sometimes we don't have resouces to fight the battle. All we have is representation.  Some terrible, some great. Lee is a great mind at work and I say that because we sat together at my trial. We prevailed, not guilty on all counts. I had my life back. Thank you Lee Greenstein. I will always be indebted to you. If anyone needs an experienced lawyer that cares truely about their client, I strongly suggest Lee."

Aaron McAdoo

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