DWI Laywer
DWI Laywer

The drinking and driving laws have become more complicated over the years, as well as much more harsh on those accused of breaking those laws.  District Attorney offices around the state have instituted stricter plea bargaining policies.  Oftentimes your livelihood depends upon getting your license back and fighting those difficult plea bargaining restrictions.

DWI defense has become a big part of my practice in the Capital District and beyond.  In addition to knowing the intricacies of the every-changing laws, I have had considerable success obtaining favorable plea bargains despite the supposed strict plea bargain policies.  I have accomplished this for client by fighting for them and creatively litigating a defense.

If you are charged with a DWI for the first time I will help you work through the process quickly and as painlessly possible.  If it is not your first time and the potential consequences could be life altering, call and we will honestly advise you what you can expect, and what are the potential risks and benefits of litigation.

Drug Possession and Drug Sales

Drug Possession / Drug Sales Attorney
Drug Possession / Drug Sales Attorney

I have been representing people charged with drug possessions and drug sales since my early years in New York City during the crack epidemic.  I am intimately experienced in every aspect of narcotics cases – plea bargaining and litigation.  If the case can be torn down due to a questionable search, or there is a valid defense, we will pursue that avenue.

If the case needs to be plea bargain, I have strong relationships with every District Attorney’s Office in the area, as well as the United States Attorneys Office.  The New York State courts have gained a great deal of compassion in recent years with Drug Courts, jail alternatives, and programs in prisons that provide significant sentence reduction.

Call our office and you will be provided with the best defense available for drug possession or sale charges.

Theft, Fraud and White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime Attorney
White Collar Crime Attorney

White-collar crimes, as well as theft, fraud and embezzlement cases can be the most complicated and paper-intensive to prosecute and defend.  The allegations are not always that easy to prove.  It is important to have any attorney with experience, and with the tenacity and thoroughness to make the prosecution prove their case.

If you are charged with any of these kinds of crimes choose a lawyer with the abilities needed to defend you either by litigating, or by obtaining the best deal out there.

Child Pornography

Federal child pornography laws are among the most draconian on the books.  The mandatory minimum sentences and multi-year exposure for possession of pornographic images are unfair and un-American.  I have as much experience in this area as any criminal defense lawyer.  It is important to have a lawyer who understands the law, and who can make the judge’s see how unfair these sentencing guidelines really are, because the Government prosecutors will often use those laws to try to send people with no criminal history to jail for many years.

I have had great success in minimizing and reducing jail sentences by huge amounts for clients who simply don’t deserve that kind of punishment.

Burglary and Robbery

Robbery & Theft Defense Attorney
Robbery & Theft Defense Attorney

These crimes can create great challenges given the types of crime that is being alleged.  Over 25 years I have represented hundreds of clients charged with commercial and residential burglaries, and robberies between individuals.  It is that experience in dealing with the most difficult cases, and knowing the prosecutors who handle them, that can truly make the difference in gaining a favorable result.

Assault, Reckless Endangerment and Homicide

Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Homicide Attorney
Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Homicide Attorney

Over 25 years I have represented clients accused of violent acts.  It is not uncommon to have these types of cases over-charged, in addition to those instances of false accusations.  Whether it is taking a case to trial, bringing the prosecutor back to the reality of the event, or simply getting the best deal possible, I have fought for every client who I have represented regardless of the nature of the allegations.


Being charged with even minor offenses can be upsetting and traumatic.  Escaping those situations with an unblemished record if often paramount and crucial to maintain employment, one’s standing in the community, and sometimes to save a future career.  Appreciating the sensitivity of these situations is as important as getting charges dismissed and records sealed.

Immigration - Illegal Entry/Smuggling

Immigration Defense
Immigration Defense

Sharing a huge border with Canada, the federal prosecutor’s office brings large numbers of prosecutions for immigrations offenses: illegal entries, alien smuggling, and drug interdictions.  I work with experienced immigration attorneys with regard to keeping clients from being deported, and have significant experience with the criminal aspect of border cases.  I have handled criminal immigration and border cases for over 20 years and have worked through many changes in policy and law since 9/11.  In addition to knowing the law, I have worked hand in hand with the prosecutors who pursue these cases.  It is this experience and those relationships that often brings about the results that have enabled clients to remain in this country and out of prison.


A federal indictment without a conspiracy charge is like a day without sunshine.  Federal prosecutors use the conspiracy laws with a variety of charges because of the many ways that it makes it easier to prosecute, and potentially raises the stakes as far as prison exposure.  If you are charged in an indictment along with others in a conspiracy you need a tough lawyer with this kind of experience in order to fight the power and resources of the federal government.

Guns & Weapons

Those charged with firearms possession often face significant jail time because of the fear of dangerous results.  Gun laws sometimes have minimums that require specific plea bargaining to avoid jail.  In addition, more than one person is often charged with possessing the same weapon when it is discovered in a car or in a home.  These types of “constructive possession” charges often provide fertile ground for a defense.

Call to discuss your case so you know exactly where you stand.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault allegations often amount to the word of the claimed victim against the accused.  Without supporting physical evidence or witness testimony, charges of sexual assault are very defendable.  I have had many trial successes fighting allegations of rape and sexual assault. 

But when a situation presents itself as one where plea-bargaining is the smartest option, having a strong and persuasive negotiator on your side can save you years in prison. 

If you or a loved is charged with any type of sexual assault charge, call for a free consultation to discuss your options so you can better understand your situation.

Local Counsel

My Delmar office is one-half mile from Bethlehem Town Court in Delmar, and my Albany office is located in downtown Albany within blocks of the United States Court House, Albany County & Supreme Courts, and Albany Police Court.  I routinely appear in all of these courts and have strong relationships with the prosecutors, judges and courthouse personnel.  In addition to having over 25 years of criminal defense experience, the kind of familiarity that comes with appearing regularly in any court is often priceless.

I also am routinely in many other courts where I have similar relationships: County and Supreme Courts in Schenectady, Saratoga, Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene Counties, and local courts in Colonie, Guilderland, Rotterdam, Schenectady, Cohoes, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Rensselaer and Troy among many other city and town courts in which I have great familiarity.

Minor Offenses

Being charged with even minor offenses can be upsetting and traumatic.  Escaping those situations with an unblemished record is often paramount and crucial to maintaining employment, one’s standing in the community, and sometimes to save a career that you have worked for years to achieve.  

Students and teenagers are frequently charged with minor offenses when ordinary mischief, pranks, marijuana use, or underage drinking, leads to criminal charges.  Pleading guilty to misdemeanors, or even to a violation level offense, can almost always be avoided when a young person is arrested for the first time.  You always want to enter college or the job market with unblemished record.

Appreciating the sensitivity of these situations is as important, getting charges dismissed and records sealed, and communicating to your children the importance of avoiding future legal problems are all a part of providing full representation.